Modern standard

i gammal miljö

Om oss

Vi som hyr ut stugan heter Jan-Erik, Rose-Marie och Morgan Örtlund. Stugan är belägen på vår gård, Tallbacksvägen 23 i Gagnef. Visa på karta

Telefon: 070-374 59 68






On the upper floor there are two

bedrooms with two single-beds in

each room.

In this room have we left the timber

walls untouched.



In the hall at the upper stairs you

can sit and relax in comfortable



The other bedroom is decorated

with a warm yellow color. Through

the window you have a god view of

the village.



On the lower level we have

a modern kitchen with coffee

maker, water boiler and

ofcourse a toaster.


This is the living room

At the TV you can watch the national television channels for Sweden

In the bookshelves  you might find some interesting books and information.

Unfortunately we are not allowed to light a fire in the chimney.

In the living room there is a bed-settee that has the room for two persons.













In the modern bathroom you can find shower and a WC. For your comfort there is flour heating.





To keep the old atmosphere we have decided to save the old kitchen. Unfortunately you are not allowed to light a fire in the old iron stove.






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